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What is FieldSense?

FieldSense is an online data analysis platform that helps farmers optimize their production with satellite imagery, weather data and precision farming tools.

Crop Analytics

Intelligent farming starts with FieldSense

FieldSense provides you with frequently updated information on the health status of your crops to help you reduce yield loss and optimize the time and effort you put into managing your fields.

  • Affordable and large-scale field monitoring.

  • Autonomous crop stress warnings.

  • Historical analysis of each field since 2014.

  • Easy-to-use Nitrogen prescription maps.

  • Compatibility with most terminals.

FieldSense decision-support for precision farmers


Grow your practice and production

Become an expert in precise and timely decision-making.
Our platform gives you powerful analysis tools that allow you to review and compare the vegetation performance of your fields based on several years of data.

  • Monitor the activity of entire fields.
  • Identify and tend to stressed areas.
  • Assess damaged crops.
  • Evaluate the effect of treatments.
  • Determine the optimal time for harvesting.

Variable-Rate Technology

Give your crops the nutrients they need

  • Ensure that your crops receive the correct amount of nutrients.

  • Create prescription maps based on in-season crop activity.

  • Achieve the optimal Nitrogen application for each field.

Crop Stress Alerts

Reduce the time spent on scouting your fields

Let us take care of the time-consuming crop scouting tasks.

Your fields are automatically scanned for areas of stressed crops and reduced vegetation as soon as new satellite imagery is available.

You’ll receive a notification showing you when and where action is needed.

FieldSense automatic crop stress detection

  • When unexpected crop activity is detected, you’ll be notified by email.
  • Stressed areas are monitored automatically to keep you updated.
  • Select areas to scout and save time on manual crop monitoring.
  • Configure the system to ignore select areas or entire fields.
  • With every issue detected, FieldSense becomes smarter.


Poul Jakob Bønløkke

Farm owner, Lyngbygaard

Precision agriculture is here to stay and this kind of technology is the future.


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