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Crop Activity Analysis

Find and resolve yield threats with crop activity imagery and plan ahead


Satellite Imagery

The new way of monitoring crops

Get a clear overview of crop performance across entire fields in an instant. FieldSense provides you with detailed insights into the activity and progression of your crops throughout the entire year, equipping you to find find yield threats with ease and take corrective action earlier in the season.

Here’s what our users are finding:

  • Crop stress

  • Water damage

  • Nutrients deficiency

  • Spray overlaps/gaps

  • Insect damage

  • Crop diseases

  • Soil quality variations

  • Focus areas

How it works

Harness the power of satellites

Satellites capture images of your fields several times a month. But these are not regular satellite images. By focusing on specific wavelengths of light, FieldSense analyzes the photosynthetic performance and provides detailed insights into the cellular activity of your crops, giving you a new perspective on growing crops.

Automated Analysis

Be alerted of crop stress

When crops are under stress, their growth activity decreases. FieldSense helps you detect small variations in activity by automatically running analyses on your crops whenever new crop activity imagery is available. Once an issue has been detected, you’ll receive a notification telling you exactly where your action is needed.

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