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Prescription Maps

Achieve optimal fertilization, reduce spillage and increase profitability

Variable-Rate Technology (VRT)

React to the in-season needs of your crops

The nutrient needs of your crops vary greatly across your fields throughout the growing season. With Prescription Maps based on crop activity imagery, you’ll be able to respond to variations in crop growth and apply the nutrients your crops need for optimal performance.

FieldSense variable-rate technology prescription maps (VRT)


We have tested our prescription maps with the following terminals. We are in close contact with many dealers and continuously improve on the interplay between data and machine. Don’t see your terminal below? Contact us and we’ll make sure our platform supports your every need as soon as possible.

  • Target stressed crops directly

  • Eliminate spray overlaps

  • Reduce spillage and pollution

  • Increase Nitrogen efficiency

  • Increase yield

  • Reduce spraying costs

How it works

Spray with satellite precision

Use the latest crop activity imagery provided to you by satellites to create Prescription Maps in FieldSense, upload the file to your terminal, and start focusing your spraying on the crops that can absorb the nutrients. This helps you remove the guesswork from spraying and reduces spillage, leading to a more profitable production.

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