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Get Crop Activity Analysis and Prescription Maps
in a single subscription with FieldSense

FieldSense is a platform that helps you monitor, evaluate, and take action on the health of your crops.

Automatic updates, analytic insights, and useful tools allow you to stay on top of your decision-making game before, during, and after the growing season.

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Growth Analysis
Monthly Subscription


Crop Activity Analysis

Automated Crop Monitoring

Crop Stress Alerts

Prescription Maps

Note Tools

Limitless Co-Worker Access

Access on Web, iOS and Android

Includes monitoring of 125 hectares

Additional hectares €0.08 per month

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Weather Station
Monthly Subscription


Sturdy, mobile, and cloud-connected units

Wind speed

Air temperature

Soil temperature



UV intensity

Light incidence

Access on Web, iOS and Android

Ongoing service and upgrades

A one-time administration fee of €60 will be charged per weather station

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